The Logic of Mentorship

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A study by Sun Microsystems focusing on mentoring reported that both mentors and mentees are promoted faster and get salary increases more often within the organization. Mentorship helps increase the capacity for students to translate values and strategies into actions that are more productive. People who are mentored stay on the job longer.(Source: Sun Mentoring)

Following are a few of the logical benefits behind mentorship:

For the mentor:

  • Affirmation of professional competence.
  • Satisfaction helping someone to achieve their goals
  • Builds your management and leadership skills.
  • Enables giving back to your industry.
  • Helps build a career network.
  • Obtain different perspectives from others.

For the mentee:

  • Someone to share ideas with and who offers feedback.
  • Help you to make career path decisions.
  • Increases self-discipline and self-awareness.
  • Provides impartial advice and holds you accountable.
  • Enables access to a mentor’s network of contacts.
  • Boosts your career prospects and growth.