About Us

Our goal is to present the progression of the concept of logic – historically and globally including the traditional and new ways to think, reason and learn. Logic (from the Ancient Greek: λογική) focuses on the study of valid reasoning in an activity.

Logic was developed during ancient times in China, India and Greece. Therefore China Logic honors the age old concept and addresses the history of logic, including the Chinese Mohist approach to logic which focused on rhetorical analogies over mathematical logic or reasoning. Our focus of interest is to review logic reasoning, and share new research surrrounding logic and education.

According to the Trivium, training one’s mind involves the early stages of absorbing facts and laying the foundation for more advanced studies. Once a student learns to think through arguments, they learn the art of self-expression. The Trivium is a systematic method of critical thinking for deriving certainty from any information coming into the mind via the five senses.